The time is now.

For over twelve months, I have been gauging what parts of my life I consider appropriate to share on my social media platforms. I have been hesitant because: 1) I do not feel comfortable sharing too many intimate details of my daily life for security purposes, and 2) I have been badly hurt by social media through cyber-bullying, stalking and harassment. But this week, an accumulation of everything I've wanted to say for an entire year hit me like a ton of bricks. It was a wake up call; a breath of fresh air; a call to action; a desire so strong that I cannot and will not ignore it. Though I have never been dishonest with you, I've been avoiding truths I have wanted to speak--that I NEED to speak. Fear of judgement, bullying, anger, harassment, stress, lies, rumors and many other things have kept me relatively quiet; especially the fear of every word I write trying to be used against me in a negative light. While that is a valid fear for me, those fears no longer have power over me. I feel at peace. I feel empowered. I am finally ready.

In order to keep my thoughts cohesive, I will be "releasing" one truth per week. Some of these things may be parts of my life you already knew about; others will be new. Some will be more serious than others. I am going to strive to "let go and let God" and allow Him to lead what needs to be said. I am doing this because I feel prompted, but also because I want you all to see how human I am. I haven't seen many of you in years, and most of you have never met me in person--yet I feel so close to you as if we have been lifelong friends. So please, join me on this fearless journey of honesty and strength as I piece together my thoughts and experiences. Learn with me, grow with me, heal with me. In return, I hope that I will be able to help lift and inspire you through similar challenges.

× Brittany

the truth of change

the truth of depression

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