Saturday, November 25, 2017


For those of you who don't know me--hey there! My husband and I started this juice cleanse at the end of October. I'll be updating this post in the near future with photos--I don't want to wait a moment more in getting this up for you guys--but the difference has been incredible to my husband and I. It is the perfect time of the year to start!

It all started when we curled up one night to watch a movie together and after searching for a minute, we decided to watch the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead on Netflix--best decision ever. If you haven't seen it, please watch it before starting this cleanse with me. It's the backbone of every idea and recipe from what you're about to read. Now for the results!

In total, I lost 8 lbs in the 7 days I did the cleanse, and another 3 lbs shed in the following week when I was back to eating "normal" (dairy, gluten, less veggies, etc). My hypothesis is that it altered my metabolism, because I've been eating "normal" over the last three weeks and my weight has continued to maintain itself. I am at a weight that I haven't had since junior high and dropped three pant sizes--something I never thought was possible, especially after having a baby. I have noticed a huge difference in my energy as well. My husband lost 15 lbs in the first 2 weeks and he's still going strong! Doing the cleanse has cut his long-lasting insulin in half, and he hardly has to take any short-lasting during the day. It's such a miracle.

The weight wasn't the reason I kicked into juice-mode, but it has been an amazing side effect. I started this because wanted to feel better and healthier inside; another benefit I enjoyed from the cleanse.

While days 2 and 3 sent my body into emotional havoc (can someone say "hangry?"), I felt more stable than I ever have towards the end of the week. I didn't hit a point of noticeable energy after the toxins cleared until day 4, the clarity came on day 5, and wow was it ever clarity! I felt that I had the focus and stability to complete three times the amount of tasks than I did before the cleanse.

Another element of the cleanse that affected my emotional well-being was the control of my body and my health. I was confronted with a psychological struggle that I didn't expect when starting this cleanse. I was seriously sad about not snacking on nachos/tacos/cookies/etc whenever we started a movie. As my mind went through the withdrawal stage from sugars, starches and simple carbs, I had a major struggle within myself over how addicted I was to emotional eating. My body was receiving plenty of nutrients (and adequate calories) and yet, I was so emotionally tied to junk food. As I continued to stick to my smoothies, taking charge of my health began to have a healing effect on me. I learned that I didn't need the junk like my mind was trying to tell me I did, and that I had the strength within myself to take care of my body's true needs.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Here's the thing.

I don't want to be someone you follow who shares nothing but the happy parts of their lives. I don't want to be just another lifestyle blogger from Utah, or another set of pretty pictures displayed in a square grid of happiness. I want to be there for you, I want to be your real friend--not just another "screen buddy." I want you to know that I understand the depression thing, wholly and fully. I want you to know that I know what it feels like to shake with sobs as the gaping hole in your chest widens into an abyss of black. I know what it feels like to be bullied, misunderstood, deemed an outcast at school. I know what it feels like to be abused, hurt every day by someone who is supposed to be one of your greatest supporters and role models. I know the pains of loss like the back of my hand--friends, family, people I knew for ages and loved with all my heart. I know the sting of rejection, the despair of divorce, the fear of the unknown, the torture of truly believing you will never amount to anything in life. I know all of this and so much more. 

Thursday, August 31, 2017


Here I am, just as promised, with my first "truth": the reality of change. In my desire to be more transparent and open with you, I want need to be real about all the changes going on in my life, and how I've grown through them. I am not who I once was, and it's time to own my struggles and triumphs. & Make sure to read to the bottom for a message I wrote directly for YOU.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


This week was World Breastfeeding Week and the month of August is National Breastfeeding Month. I have been waiting to post about my nursing journey for three months, and what better time than the most celebrated month for breastfeeding?? This post is a big one because I am so passionate about this topic. In the first section, I'll be going over my experiences and the different nursing "complications" I've overcome. In the second part I'll be providing research detailing why breastfeeding is so important, and finally I will be offering some free lactation and breastfeeding services for Utah moms!

I must start by saying that this post IS NOT: shaming moms who choose to formula feed, have to formula feed for medical conditions, are substituting with formula, etc. This post IS: encouraging breastfeeding moms, spreading the importance of breastfeeding, offering assistance to those struggling with breastfeeding and documenting my journey over the past seven months. I also want to add that these are my experiences alone, and I'm not claiming that everyone's stories are the same; I can only speak to my experiences. I have to list this disclaimer because I have seen a lot of moms this week feel put down because of their feeding choice. It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to ever see moms shame other moms for birthing, feeding or raising their babies differently than they are. We all need each other! Motherhood is harddd. (If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen my post about this the other day.) This journey is so trying and we need to support each other. So, with that being said, on to my story!

Dage at one week old


Thursday, July 6, 2017


It's easy to forget how good we have it... until life throws us a wake-up call. My sweet Scott is Type 1 Diabetic (insulin dependent for life). His highs and lows are controlled by what he eats and how much insulin he takes, but things like stress, hormonal imbalances, happiness/sadness, illness, and any other normal body changes also affect his bloodsugar. This means that even if he's doing everything right and taking the correct amount of insulin, there will randomly be nights when he goes extremely high or low. For those who don't know much about T1D, going too high means hyperglycemia or ketoacidosis, which causes kidney failure, loss in eye sight, nerve damage and amputation. Going too low means hypoglycemia, which causes blurred vision, confusion, immense hunger, seizures, and eventually loss of consciousness (a coma). Both are deadly if left untreated.

Two nights ago, I was about 5 seconds from dialing 911 for an ambulance as Scott fell into a near-comatose state. Unresponsive, thrashing, shaking, sweating. It's crazy to see someone you know like the back of your hand be completely controlled and overcome by a physical ailment. I woke up at 2:30am to him rocking his body into me the best he could. He had no control over his arms or legs. He made out the mumbled word, "bloodsugar" and I flew to the fridge for juice (the next best thing to glucagon). He guzzled a huge bottle. He was still out of it for a while. I tried to talk to him but he couldn't make out any words. I sat with my phone at the ready, watching him closely, until he finally started responding and asked for some food. 

Even after he had control over his hands again and was feeding himself, I laid there trembling, wanting to make sure he was high enough before I dare fell back asleep. Scott hadn't dropped like that in over six months and I'd forgotten how scary it was. His diabetes has been a normal part of life for us since we were dating. He does an incredible job at keeping his levels within normal range and never ever complains, so although it is a life-altering illness, we don't focus on it more than we need to. Moments like these pull me out of my cocoon of safety and remind me how fragile my time is here.

The next day, all I could think about was how precious life is and how we should treat it better. Do we live each day in the moment to it's fullest, or do we live consumed by distractions? Do we prioritize our relationships to the highest degree or do we prioritize frivilous things that we cannot take with us into the next life? What are we doing right now with our fragile, sacred, incredible, blessed lives? I know that there are definitely goals I need to work on in these areas.

Living with the knowledge that you could lose your closest loved one day after day, it changes you. Knowing that Scott would slip away from me if we didn't have access to insulin is terrifying. I have been asked many times how we handle the stress, fear and despair that comes with this disease, and I have the answer: faith. Faith and fear cannot co-exist. Embrace uncertainty with acceptance and faith, and your perception will completely change. You will become fearless. You will know that no matter what happens in the future, everything is okay for the time-being. You move forward and go about your day without giving into the fear of what is to come. That is the only way that we can live life to it's fullest and seek happiness.


Monday, June 26, 2017


Good morning friends!
I had so many messages asking about this coffee tie dye maxi dress that I decided to write a post! In complete honesty, I got it for such a good deal that I almost want to keep the site a secret… but I can’t keep it to myself, I have to share the looove. The site is SheIn, and I've actually purchased a few items there before (like this dress--those of you who have followed me for ages will remember it). Just follow this link and type "coffee tie dye maxi" to see for yourself. A few reasons why I'm obsessed with this amazing dress:

First: It's on sale and it's currently under $20! Quality over quantity is real but there's a line I just will not cross when it comes to spending. I find pride in shopping good deals--actual good deals. I chuckle to myself when I see bloggers post different outfit pieces with captions like, "this top is 'just' $65!" "These jeans are under $100!" as if they're such great deals. I'd rather not break the bank and save for other things like exploring the world around me. This dress allows for both quality and the peace of mind that comes with shopping smart.

Second:  It has become one of my closet staples primarily because of its comfort. Those of you who follow me know that comfort is a MUST, especially since I became a momma. What I love about this coffee tie dye maxi is that it's so stretchy and soft that I wore it when I was 41 weeks pregnant (recognize that Instagram post?), two weeks after having a baby, and I've been nursing in it & using it ever since. It's flattering on any body size, shape or stage--you can trust me on that.

Third: Pockets! Enough said.

Sit back, enjoy these pretty photos taken by CaLea Gunther Photography that really show you the nature of the dress, and order yourself something fun for the summer through SheIn! And feel free to scroll to the bottom if you want to read a little life update. :)

Monday, June 5, 2017


I never thought soul mates existed before I met Scott. I truly didn't. I had loved before, but I strongly believed that love was only built on years and years of memories deep layers of trust. I was fragile, afraid, and extremely cautious after everything I had experienced in my childhood. When I would hear people say things like, "When you know, you know!" after a couple short months, I thought it was complete insanity. There was no way people just "knew"---how could they? How could they base such a vastly important decision on "knowing," and surrendering their heart to another so quickly??